Have you ever wondered where the saying ‘Paint The Town Red’ comes from?

Paint the Town Red is said to have its origins from a drunken night out in 1837. The slightly eccentric Marquis of Waterford and his aristocrat friends went on a spree through Melton Mowbray after a few too many ales at the races, painting buildings, and a few locals, with red paint. This included an inn, the Swan Porch (now called the Swan Inn) and one of the toll gates as well as the unfortunate toll keeper!

The Marquis was a notorious hooligan and renowned for such behaviour in the area. To his friends he was Henry de la Poer Beresford, to the public he was ‘The Mad Marquis’. His unruly behaviour resulted in the famous saying which we all know today but few know the story behind it.


Paint the Town Red, Red Ale (4 x cans)

This red ale from our friends at Round Corner Brewing is the perfect partner in crime to our signature pork pies. A harmonious blend of eleven ale malts create layers of delicious citrus and marmalade aromas, which provide a great flavour intensity match to the pork.



Paint The Town Red Ale Chutney, 280g

Established in 2022, Bob Pitchfork's Pickles are award-winning chutneys refined in small batches using the finest local ingredients.

This Paint The Town Red Chutney is tangy and packed with fruit and infused with the marmalade and citrus notes from the Red Ale.

Made locally to the shop in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.