Access Statement for Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe


Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe comprises a busy shop, on two levels, and a bakery. A Heritage area within the shop explains how pork pies came to be associated with the Town and the important link with the local Stilton cheese industry. Pork pie making demonstrations are available for both groups and individuals. We aim to provide an excellent service to all visitors and continually strive to improve. The Shop is an established attraction .

Pre – Arrival

Comprehensive website (Disability compliant to level AAA) Some information available in large print Email and fax available 100m from bus station on Wilton Road and 5 minutes walk from Melton Mowbray train station

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

We are located in the Town centre (pedestrianised) and do not have a private car park Pay & display car parks (St Mary’s Way & Wilton Road) are 100m from our entrance. Wilton Road car park is also a coach park (for 9 coaches) Being pedestrianised the route from the car parks is smooth, flat and level

Entrance to Shop

The only entrance into the shop is through the front door (760mm wide) The entrance threshold has a slight incline (30mm) straight off the pavement There is no call button and no hearing loop Immediately upon entering there is a sunken fixed mat (15mm) Entry is entirely free of charge

Shop Interior – Public Area

The shop has 2 sections joined with two 70mm steps. There is a handrail to the right but no ramp Flooring throughout is either quarry or terrazzo tiles, smooth and even Pie making demonstrations take place to the rear and right of the 2nd section. Interpretation boards and leaflet display are also located in this Heritage area We have a continuously playing DVD highlighting the skills of our bakers and staff and the products they make and sell There are no chairs provided within the shop but seating, including the ‘Pork Pie Seat’, is available in the pedestrianised area outside the shop


Toilet facilities are not available within the shop. Public toilets are located at St Mary’s Way car park and Park Lane (close by St Mary's Church)

Contact Information

Telephone: 01664 562341 Fax: 01664 568052 Email: Website: Open: Monday – Saturday; 08.30 – 16.00 all year Closed: Sundays and most Bank Holidays