The Pork Pie Filling

The Pork Pie Filling: Stephen Hallam our Managing Director explains.... The Filling "In general the filling in pork pies contains a blend of seasonings and of course Pork, but some pies will often contain rusk or breadcrumbs too. Our Dickinson & Morris Pork Pies don’t contain any rusk or breadcrumbs." The Pork "The type of pork (cured or uncured) will determine the colour of the filling and also affect the flavour; using cured pork gives a pink colour or appearance whereas uncured pork leads to a filling that has a similar colour or appearance to a pork chop or a slice of roast pork. Our Dickinson & Morris Pork Pies contain uncured British Pork, it wouldn’t be an Authentic Melton Mowbray otherwise." The Cut "Different cuts of pork can be used (e.g. shoulder, leg, belly) and the way they are prepared (e.g. coarsely or finely chopped, diced or minced) will affect flavour and perhaps more importantly the texture of the meat when you come to eat it. Our Dickinson & Morris Pork Pies contain diced cuts of British Pork Shoulder." The Texture "The specific cuts (or indeed blends of cuts) will also affect texture. Mincing the meat quite fine will cause the final eating texture to be quite soft. Adding rusk or breadcrumbs to the filling will similarly give a softer bite in the baked pie. If the cut of meat in a pork pie is unknowingly changed and/or the dice size of the meat is increased (giving a more chunky texture), whilst flavour can be improved there is often a natural perception that any chunkiness is gristle … and not meat. Think about the last time you bit in to a pork chop you naturally expected there to be some resistance as the chunky texture of the meat required more chewing. In the same way the texture of Our Dickinson & Morris Authentic Melton Mowbray Pork Pies will feel more like a pork chop and you may find yourself having to chew a little more, but this allows you to savour the flavour for longer too." Watch out for Stephen's next Blog “The Pork Pie Jelly”
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