Welcome to a bigger and better pork pie experience.

Here, at Dickinson and Morris, we are very proud of our traditional, handmade pork pies. They transcend generations yet have always managed to retain what makes them so special. However, we did decide it was time for a fresh lick of paint on our website! We’ve jumped right into the new era of web interactivity to bring all of you, our customers, a bigger and better pork pie experience.

Mobile Friendly

Everyone has a smartphone now, in fact more people own smartphones than pork pies! Our site is now mobile friendly, meaning no matter where you are you can scratch that pork pie itch. Discover our history on the bus, tour our store on the train or even get that order in when your home internet goes down. We are always there for you, in your pocket, whenever you need us!

A New Online Store

Our new online store is more vibrant and varied than ever before. It has something for everyone! Get your mouth watering as you browse through all our different pies, condiments and cakes. See every perfectly prepared pie in glorious high resolution, bound to get those tummies rumbling. Let your peepers feast on our extensive hampers, a perfect present for any pork lover!

Interactive New features

It is now more fun and colourful than ever to discover the workings and history of Dickinson and Morris! Our tour the shoppe feature lets you in on our staff secrets, showing you our method for making the best pies every single time! You can even take a virtual visit from the comfort of your own home, with our 360 tour, meaning you are never too far away for a visit. We also have a great illustrated time-line that takes you through Dickinson and Morris’s story, and introduces you to the places and people that made the pork pie what it is today. We will even keep you updated on us, and the world of the pork pie, by adding a fresh blog post every month.

Enjoy your stay.

From all of us here at Dickinson and Morris, we would like to offer you a warm welcome to our new site! Take a look around and explore all our new nooks and crannies. Don’t forget to pop into our online store and bag yourself a selection of treats. Sign up to our newsletter, and receive updates on new products and any of our fantastic deals. You can also check out our events page and see where we are heading and what we’re up to. Finally, if you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help!
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